Cylinder head Heating oven

Cylinder head heating ovens are used in production line of cylinder head manufacturing line.It is used for shrink fitting operation of valve seat in the cylinder head.

It is fully automatic PLC based stand alone machine having powersied or power and free conveyors with pneumatic stopper arrangement loading,IR heating and unloading arrangement. Also at unloading station pop up station also can be provided for v/v seat pressing operation. Many customized features can be added as per requirement of the customer.

IR booster zone/Full paint powder baking oven


IR booster zones can be used in powder coating/paint baking applications in combination with hot air oven. Faster heat is given to the articles in first 1 or 2 minutes and then it is allowed to enter into the hot air oven. This reduces length of the hot air oven considerably.

Incase of existing paint shops the bottle neck in the capacity enhancement is baking oven. Therefore to increase the conveyor speed IR zone is the right solution.IR zone can be installed at the entry of the oven or inside of the existing hot air oven.

This has great flexibility in use, such as it can switched ON and switched OFF within a minute as and when required, power can controlled either by non contact type pyrometer or infravario. Typical applications are for long members of truck chassis, tractor components, two wheeler petrol tanks are few examples to mention.