Fuel–air mixture enters the gas IR from the back. It is allowed to pass through the Ceramic or wiremesh to the front of radiator and ignited on the surface on top.The ceramic plate / wire mesh glows red and emits medium wave infrared radiation. Total automatic operation and safety features of gas infrared radiators We have supplied our product basically to automobile sector for paint touchup application for adhesive tape, paper & textile industries etc for drying application. Presently the Company supplies many industrial heating related products to Indian & Asian market

Gas Powered Powder Driers

Our gas driers standout due to their profitability and avaliability. The utilized gas burners can be adjusted to the available gas type without problem. Our drier has a capacity of ca.700kW The hot exhaust gases are largely used for the heating of the air return zones.

Special reflector plates are installed between the individual gas burners and in the intermediate zones. Thereby radiation losses are greatly reduced.

The supply lines for gas, combustion air and electric energy are connected to the user from the rear.

The output control of the drier is accomplished through connection or disconnecting of individual burners. The individual burners can also be switched in groups, if required.

Maintenance and service work is performed via maintenance openings in the rear of the drier.Instead of the infrared gas emitter, electrically powered IR emitters can be used.

System Design Emitter Field, Gas - operated

Pre-manufactured emitter fields with air-cooled frame, integrated combustion air and gas supply line.

The total output of the emitter field illustrated is 360 kW on an area of ca. 3,6 m2. Exhaust gases generated during the combusting process are drawn off for the most part immediately at the place of origin and can therefore be disposed of simply and without problems.

The individual burners are constantly checked for function via permanent ionization measurment.

Each gas burner can be set exactly and adjusted individually with the corresponding gas-air mixture. With that, optimum combustion and a high degree of efficiency of the system is always assured and, if necessary, can be easily adjusted at any time.

The emitter fields can be adjusted individually in form and output to the local conditions and the products.


Catalytic Burner

Ceramic Burmer

Metal Fiber Burner

Metal Fiber Burner

Porous Burner


long wave Burner

medium wave burner

medium wave burner

medium wave burner

short wave burner



2.4 µm

2.2 µm

2.2 µm

1.7 µm

Max.Burner Temperature

600˚C/112 ˚F

950˚ C/1742

1050˚ C/1922 ˚F

1050˚ C/1922 ˚F

1450˚ C/2642 ˚F

Max.Thermal Load

30kW/m² 9500 BTU/ft²

120kW/m² 38000 BTU/ft²

200 kW/m² 63400 BTU/ft²

250 kW/m² 79200 BTU/ft²

1000 kW/m² 317000 BTU/ft²

Gas fired IR oven




Metal Fibre Burner